Thursday, November 25, 2010

Prime For Life Prevention Program

This is what I teach every Wednesday night (unless there are five Wednesdays in that particular month, then I get a night off) The information retrieved from is in quotes. My words are italicized.

"This approach differs from many educational programs that teach information which is not capable of impacting behaviors. For instance, when was the last time you heard someone refuse an alcoholic beverage because he knew it was metabolized in the liver? That metabolism information is correct, but is not the type of information capable of bringing about the desired behavior change.

Credibility is crucial to behavior change, and information presented in PRIME For Life is based on objective, documented research findings-not opinion, exaggerations, or scare tactics that inevitably challenge credibility. Program content is research-based and multi-dimensional, incorporating biological, psychological, sociological, and behavioral research in explaining the etiology of alcohol and drug problems, and the steps necessary for preventing them. In fact, PRIME For Life content is supported by over 1,000 scientific references.

The method used to present the program content is another factor crucial to behavior change."
I follow the training guidelines "to gently challenge commonly-held but harmful beliefs that contribute to high-risk drinking and drug choices. For example, the belief that there is no risk in getting drunk just to have fun is persuasively challenged in PRIME For Life." Also, the socially-accepted attitude towards high tolerance is that it is a sign of strength. Using research-based results, it is demonstrated through Blood Alcohol Level Studies that high tolerance is indeed a liability.

We do cover a lot of material and a lot of information that may be new ans surprizing to individuals. As the students reflect on what is learned it may shake their foundational beliefs and attitudes and present them with a scenario of their current lifestyle that does not bode well with them or makes them feel uneasy. That is a normal and natural defense mechanism and some anxiety in discovering that one has a problem or disease is to be expected. Unfortunately, some people carry their resentment and defensive to the extreme to the detriment of the teaching process. On the other hand, there are those who have come to a realization that they do have a problem and are interested in learning how to live a sober, low-risk life style. These people create an atmosphere of understanding and purpose to the classroom environment. The ideal is to have both levels of interest in the class so they can learn from their peers, rather than just me teaching. Because a judgmental or controlling approach is a barrier to change, PRIME For Life does not moralize or dictate certain behaviors. We recognize that people hold different value systems and generally have reasons for their behaviors that seem valid. Our experience confirms that most people are willing to explore new beliefs and change behaviors if the information presented to them is valid, the support is genuine, and the benefits are clear.

Some of the issues we explore in PRIME For Life include :

Does family history increase risk?
Is the ability to "handle" alcohol protective?
Does drinking small quantities of alcohol reduce the risk for heart disease?
What are low-risk and high-risk choices?
What can happen when people unknowingly make high-risk choices?"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Check out this great MSN video: How to Remember People’s Names

Check out this great MSN video: How to Remember People’s Names

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Five Steps to Responsibility

I borrow these five steps from Love & Logic by Charles and Jim Fay. I plan to attend a live seminar in March.
1. Show Empathy for the person / child who finds themselves in a predicament
2. Transfer the problem back by asking, "Do you want to know what other people / children have tried?
3. Offer ideas. (Bad ones first); wait for the person to analyse your suggestions and agree or disagree. This enhances confidence.
4. Force the person to analyse the consequences of his final choice by asking "How will that work out?" If he says, "I don't know.", then apply empathy by saying something like, "That is sad not to know.
5. Finally, say with empathy, "Good Luck. Hope it works out."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What is ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing works on the inner workings of the cells, the mitochondria and DNA. The minutest particles of our beings are influenced and results can be astounding! An inner universe is influenced. Because ThetaHealers work on such a deep level, resulting changes may be lasting. This work is of a spiritual nature and practitioners are to be guided by God, Source, or Creator of All That Is. The originator of ThetaHealingTM is Vianna Stibal and you can read about how she healed herself of cancer in her Basic Book. Visit my site yo order the book:
You will learn how you can facilitate healing for yourself and others. Training is required for certification as a practitioner. Read more by visiting my website:
I use the modality of ThetaHealingTM to replace negative beliefs with positive ones in seconds. Belief systems can be empowering or destructive. Once a belief has shifted from negative to positive, an individual begins to experience the difference in attitude, behavior and choices! I also use it to instill feelings that my client expresses a desire to have, such as a feeling of happiness or confidence. Read testimonials:
More client stories:
Many professions may benefit by adding this modality: Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral, EFT, Energy Work, Hypnotherapy, Midwifery, Naturopathic, Counseling and Medical Professions. The only requirement to practice is a belief in a higher power. People of varying faiths around the world have incorporated this energetic healing technique.
Vianna Stibal has referred to this work as quantum mechanics. I describe it as work only in the professional sense, because it is joyful and fun! It is an uplifting experience for my clients and me. This work might be better classified as play! It is involves imagination, creativity and exploration. I recently read about mans’ explorations into space. The imagery used in ThetaHealing has one travel through space and the levels of creation. Then, in doing the actual healing, the practitioner enters another kind of universe, that of the human cell!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Digging Deep

Just as Sarah Minen gives a great deep tissue massage to root out tension, so too, do I dig deep when working with a client to uncover the root issue or initial sensitizing event related to the challenge at hand. This is called a Core Belief Process and once we find a negative belief, it is changed energetically to an empowering positive belief.

Knotty or Nice?

Sarah Minen gives a great massage. I went yesterday.  I was so Knotty, but Sarah rubbed the knottiness right out of me. She was good at locating those tough spots and kneading them.  I won’t say there was no discomfort. I felt like the little dough boy, only I did not giggle. It was a good kind of pain, like when you brush those snarls out of your hair. There is a little discomfort and then you look and feel beautiful!

Being knotty certainly is not nice at all. Sometimes we are knotty and don’t even realize it, until we are under pressure. Can you be knotty and nice at the same time? I don’t think so. When we are tense, and holding toxins, it is reflected in our behavior. Others sense the knottiness in our energy field.  So, if you are knotty, and who isn’t, and you live in the Salt Lake Valley, then wander on down to Sarah’s place at 251 E 800 S in SLC, UT and get the knottiness rubbed right out of you!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been reading and mostly listening to the Love and Logic Series. I use the principles and the CD's in my parenting classes I teach at APS. What a great resource. I highly recommend it! You can go to their site, the library, or buy used at EBAY or elsewhere. Well worth you time & effort to make parenting less stressful and to raise responsible children into adulthood.

For you local yocals (SLC) there is a live presentation coming up March 5, 2011 in SLC not far from my home. Just $30.00. These men are entertaining as they share their experience, knowledge and wisdom. Here is the link for the live presentation:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Popcorn in Theatres - Heart Attack Special

After we came home from the theatre last night, I read in the news that by consuming that medium bag of popcorn, I had taken in the equivalent of fat in 3 Big Macs and 12 pats of butter! Yikes! I didn't think too much about it as I gingerly asked the young lady at the counter re the buttery oil - "Isn't it bad for me?" She responded with a sly, "Oh, no, of course not." Of course, she gets paid to say that. There are some theatres that actually sell real butter as a topping for your popcorn, but according to the article I read, most use coconut oil that is high in saturated and trans fats - the stuff that clogs arteries. Heart-Attack Special!

Before we left for the theatre, I suggested I bring baby carrots and sliced apples. I did not have time to do that and the theatre has rules against such things - so what to do? Just starve or not go.....or petition the theatres to start providing better treats, like small bags of baby carrots and fruit. I know some theatres do. Just not the "cheapo" ones like we go to.

This is a concern to me, because I am always promoting healthy habits for my individual clients and students in my classes at Addiction & Psychological Services, Inc. in South Jordan, UT

Monday, June 14, 2010

Redirecting Therapy Based on Client's Responses ©

Sometimes people will come for one reason and actually need healing in another area. This turned out to be one "doggone" interesting event.

A client, whom I will call "Jan", came to me for Smoking Cessation in November of 2009. Jan agreed to two sessions, although I recommended a minimum of four sessions for stopping smoking.

Jan reported that she was single, with a stressful job. She spoke lovingly of her two dogs (Sharpeis, named Sadie and Lexie). After getting to know Jan better, I began to realize there was more she needed than smoking cessation. I will discuss two very different sessions: Her first, using a standard hypnosis script and her second, using Theta Healing, which became a reading and healing session.

In our first session, Jan seemed resistant to relaxing, so I asked her unconscious mind to review and release any fear related to our healing session (Cheek, D, 1993, Hypnosis, The Application of Ideomotor Techniques). To set up a time frame, I used the "Dreaming Arm" technique taught to me by Robert Fletcher (Fletcher, 1998, Thought Pattern Management (TM)). The dreaming arm works great as a process driver to set up a time frame for the unconscious to complete a task. For those of you unfamiliar with the technique, I will explain the process.

I had Jan raise her left arm and asked her unconscious mind to take charge of her arm and lower it down only as quickly as the review was completed. It took only a few minutes, and the slight ideomotor movements were undeniably unconscious in nature. For further deepening I used a Light Metaphor, which worked well, and she went into a deep trance state.

Since Jan was a project manager, I used the following metaphor: I asked to speak directly to the project manager in charge of her brain and body. I asked the "project manager" to take a picture of her brain/body prior to starting smoking and a picture of her brain / body as it is now and make comparisons. Then I had all of the engineers assembled (structural, chemical, nutrition, communication, waste treatment, etc) note the differences between the two images. I asked Jan's Unconscious mind to respond using finger signals. I asked if changes could be made to restore the body and mind to the way it was prior to her starting smoking. I got a "yes" response. Setting up the Dreaming Arm, I asked her unconscious mind to make the changes. The arm stopped moving at one point and I asked if some of the changes could be started now and finished later. I and got a "yes" when I asked if it would take about two months to complete some of the changes. Then the arm finished moving downward.

I finished with Will Horton's Stop Smoking I script. I got confirmation from Jan's finger signals that all the parts of her were working as a team to help her stop smoking and that there were no resistant parts. At the end of the session prior to her awakening, I said, "I am going to ask your unconscious mind to review at an unconscious level everything gained of value in this session". This unconscious review was something I gleaned from Dr. David M. Cheek (Cheek, D.M., 1993).

The most interesting event took place at our second meeting. Jan talked about how worried she was about her dog, Roxie, who had recently had surgery and had torn her stitches. I taught Jan tapping for anxiety release using the EFT method. She calibrated her worry at a ten on a scale of zero to ten, when we began the exercise and then at a two when we finished. I gave her a handout to remember the EFT process and to practice it. Using theta healing I proceeded to activate her DNA with her permission, following the method taught by Vianna Stibal (Stibal, V. 1993, ThetaHealing). The subject of guardian angels came up and Jan wanted to know about hers. As I looked, I first sensed a man who continually helps her with "left-brain" decisions. Then I saw a female, very feminine, in a beautiful white dress, with layers of ruffles and embroidery. Last I saw an Owl on her right side. Then, suddenly, I saw hundreds of dogs behind Jan (as if the wall disappeared). The dogs seemed to say to my client: "Thank you for your help." The love I felt from those gentle spirits was almost overwhelming. The gratitude expressed was immense and the impression came that Jan had been sending money to various shelters, and organizations that help animals in need. She confirmed my impression. With tears running down her face, Jan expressed gratitude for knowing that the financial help she had given was received and dogs had benefited from it. It was a sweet experience. The dogs were gone, passed on to another existence, and yet very present with us in that moment, in that room. I will always remember the experience and I am sure "Jan" will too.

Since that time, I have followed up with her. She has cut her smoking by half. I am sure, when she is ready, she will return to finish what we started. In the meantime, Jan tells me she feels peace knowing that her efforts to save dogs were well received.

For more information on Theta Healing classes or sessions, contact Susan at 801.918.9437

By: Susan G. Bliss, C.Ht, South Jordan, UT / /Theta Healing:

Susan is a graduate of Infinity Institute International, Inc

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simply click on the link to get this great book also available in CD format to listen to while driving long summer trips! Amazing tips that are easy to practice and apply. I tried them out on my grandaughter and they work! It wipes out the struggle and creates a win-win when you give safe, practical choices to children. They begin to learn responsiblity and are on their way to making better and better decisions as they grow! This practical approach builds self esteem. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Parenting Helps

I recently listened to the audio book: "Love and Logic Magic for early Childhood - practical parenting from birth to six years" and I really enjoyed it! It give practical tips to make parenting less stressful and more enjoyable. You can also get it in book form. But the intonations and suggestions on audio is fun to listen to. I got an amazing price at I am using it in teaching Parenting classes at APS.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to stop someone from driving you nuts!

Alright, I am mad really mad. What am I mad about? Arguments between spouses that have nothing to do with anything but a power struggle! I recently heard about a couple who were arguing about how something went. If the event could be verified, like which horse won the race, then that is fine. You have an objective source. But if it is based on opinion or point of view, then there is no right or wrong answer. It is like when a policeman interviews three witnesses at the scene of a car accident or a crime. Each witness will tell a different story based on where he or she stood at the moment the incident occurred.
One person's story is not only based on viewpoint, but on internal filters based on that person's values and beliefs. Each of us filters out what we have no reference for and we let in what is consistent with our values and beliefs. A simple example is when someone gets a compliment that they perceive to be false. The person receiving the compliment will dismiss it, either verbally or inwardly. Steven Covey refers to this phenomenon as the inner “map”.
Each person has a different map. Some maps may more closely match than others and that is when you may find yourself agreeing with that person more often than not. Regardless of whether my map closely matches another’s or not, if I choose to express my opinion about what my experience was of an incident, then my opinion needs to be respected. I also need to allow others’ the right to express their opinions. Other people have the right to try to make me angry too. The key word here is try. Someone can insult me and I can choose to get angry right back. I can yell and tell them to stop or call them names, but that only creates more fighting and makes me look like an idiot. I can calmly respond with comments such as: “You have a right to your opinion”, “other people might agree with you”, “You can insult me all day if you want to”, etc. The person who is trying to make me angry will get frustrated and stop. This way I come out the winner and the other person ends up looking like an idiot. Of course I don’t say anything like that to the insulter.
So the way to get somebody to stop driving you nuts is simply to agree with them in the heated moment! This takes a little cleverness, awareness and a letting go of pride.
Karen Hayes taught this same principle in her anger management class. One young man had to come back the next week for another class. He told Karen, “I tried that and it worked! A few days ago, I pulled up into the parking lot of a store. The guy I beat up, which was the reason I was court-ordered to take these classes in the first place, pulled his car into the same parking lot and got out. My window was down and he came over with his arm in a cast and leaned his head in and started ranting at me, saying things like: You did this to me. You broke my arm. You beat me up for no reason. I simply agreed with him and said, ‘You are right, I did.’ He kind of looked at me funny and then went on. ‘You did this… and that…’ I continued to be calm and he just got frustrated and walked away.”
Karen asked the young man, “Did that work for you? Did you feel like you won that one?” He replied with enthusiasm, “Yes, I did!” We all like to be winners, right? Try this out and see how it works for you.
A long time ago, Jesus taught the same principle: "Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison." Matt. 5: 25

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yellow Pages

I finally put my business in yellow pages. For Free listing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cleaning Tip

Instead of using a harmful chemical spray for your shower walls, try this natural alternative: Mix half water and half white vinegar and put in a spray bottle. Just spray your shower walls and shower curtain after showering. You may add a few drops of a pleasant essential oil to mask the vinegar odor. Vinegar is cleansing and anti-bacterial.

Early Morning

I like to get up early and have time to contemplate. This morning I was so excited to get busy. Karen and I are teaching ThetaHealing April 29th to May 2nd and there is much to do to get ready. I emailed directions (google maps) to those that are coming.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Theta Healing Training

My motivation for teaching others is so they can benefit themselves and others they help. I have found great joy in helping others using the theta healing process. It enables me to be able to "see" better what is needed by my clients. I am teaching again April 29 to May 2, 2010 and hope to have a large class.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Want to go Horseback riding..

Sounds fun right now. Can you imagine my husband riding when he had prostate surgery just one month ago! He can't even sit through 1 hour of church without being uncomfortable. Oh, well, my fun today will consist of sewing and then going to international folk dancing with my grandaughter.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thethealing Training

Gearing up to teach the Basic DNA course March 5th, 6th and 7th. and again April 29to May 2nd, 2010. It is only $350.00 and you are a certified practitioner upon completion! Check out my website to register just pay at my secure web store:
The following paragraph is taken from Vianna's website at "To really understand ThetaHealing™ the best way is to read the books; ThetaHealing™ & Advanced ThetaHealing™ All That Is or even take a class.
The Main thing to know about ThetaHealing™ is it is a technique that teaches you to connect to the Creator; the spirit that intertwines and binds all things in existence. The energy that is all around us, so anyone who is ready to learn can.

Breath deeply, Slow your breathing down before you do a reading
Avoid saying the word Try you either do or don’t subconscious knows when you say try
Smile when you do a reading
Have Fun
Trust the Creator and yourself
When you use ThetaHealing™ in your life you are taking control of your life and this is your opportunity to make your life what you want.
For Thousands of years, Humankind has recognized that healing Miracles really do happen… Miracles of physical, emotional and spiritual healing happen to people of all faiths and every race……every single day.
Vianna Stibal, International Teacher, Healer, and Founder ThetaHealing™ and the ThetaHealing™ Institute of Knowledge (THInK), has devoted her life to teaching every person under the creators stars, how they too can heal themselves, their families and their friends, just as she has done.
Vianna’s seminal book, ThetaHealing™, introduced the world to the attainable miracle of Theta Brain waves that focus the healing energies possessed by you and everyone on our Earth.
Now, Vianna’s latest manual, Advanced ThetaHealing, brings ThetaHealers™, Teachers and ThetaMasters to a new level of understanding of this Attainable miracle for your life."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hypnotherapy for Surgery Preparation

Hypnotherapy works great for helping you be in the right mind set and encouraging your body to heal as well as possible based on your current condition. I have a CD you listen to that can help. Just go to my website store.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

World Hypnosis Day

I'd like to call it World Hypnotherapy Week. Anyone who reads this blog and calls me by January 15th to schedule a hypnotherapy session will get 50% off of my normal fees! Check out my website for usual and customary fees and take half off of that! Hypnotherapy works great for creating change!