Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Showing Respect for Children

Respect Begets Respect. If we want respect from our children we need to value who they are. We need to respect their space and their desires. When we strive to understand their hearts, we appreciate them more. Parenting is demanding. It is a challenge that requires unselfishness and patience. It is a worthwhile investment.

Children will be more likely to listen when you lovingly ask them to do things they know they need to do. Children are often ordered around. For example, they are daily told things like, "Do your homework. Pick up your room. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Take your medicine." Imagine your boss treated you that way? Perhaps he does and you resent it. You like to be treated as a human, not a computer or robot. You want appreciation and sometimes to be asked so you can make the choice.

Children can be given limited choices based on age and ability to respond. You might ask, "Do you want to turn off the video game Now or in Five minutes?" Inevitably, the child will choose the five minutes, and are more likely to be compliant. I asked my three year old granddaughter if she wanted to put her coat on or carry it. She chose to carry it, but when she got outside, she asked me to help her put it on. Had I said, "Put your coat on now" how would any self-respecting three-year respond?  She would say "No!" We all want options to  to excercise our freedom of choice. Giving children safe and reasonable options at a young age gets them thinking. They are processing choices and consequences. Put your arm around your child and ask them to do the required task in a loving, but firm way. Remember to give an option, as in Now or in ____ minutes. See how well it takes some of the stress out of parenting. For more tips on parenting from love and logic:  http://www.loveandlogic.com/
I know that there are principles of manifesting that just make good sense. Like the one I just wrote about making room in your life and heart for what you want!


You desire something or someone to enter your life. How have you prepared to accept that change? Have you made room in your heart, your mind, your home for this to occur? Have you created the necessary space? I read about a story about a woman who was praying for her soul mate to come into her life. It just didn't seem to be happening and she was discouraged. A friend pointed out to her that her closet and dresser drawers did not reflect the invitation, because they were full! "Where will your future mate put his things?", She asked. One might say, oh, you could do that later, after you decided to make that commitment. But the energy is still there and is a visual to your unconscious mind that there is no space for him. Does your environment reflect the space necessary for what you desire? If not, prepare it now. Clean out what you don't need and make space in your heart, mind, and home! Maybe it means preparing a nursery for a baby. I am reminded of the phrase from the film, Field of Dreams: "If you build it, they will come. Creating the necessary space is taking a leap of faith. It is making a commitment to accept this new person or item into your life. It is saying, "I am ready". I have time, space and energy to invite this into my life. You need to make room for that person or thing, whatever it is. Remember there was no room for Jesus at any of the inns. They were not expecting him and did not prepare by leaving a space for him. They missed out! Don't you miss out! First, focus on what you really want to manifest. How much time, energy, and space are you willing to devote to having this person / thing in your life? Nothing great is easily won! It takes effort. Story paraphrased fron one read on the following web site: http://www.thesecret.tv/