Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sprouting For Life

I believe in eating live foods, such as sprouts. I have been an avid sprouter since High School, when my mother began studying nutrition.
Here is a photo of the seed mix I use. You can also use alfalfa seed (abt 3-4 tablespoons yeilds a quart jar full!)
I found this mix in the bulk section of local health food store. It stores well and it takes only about 2-3 days to sprout! It is a combination of adzuki, soy, mung beans, lentils and wheat.
Second Photo is of jar of sprouted seeds at 2 1/2 days after first soak.

I think this would be great for campers, hikers, bikers, mountain climbers. Just put about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of seed mix (to yield half or full jar) in a clear plastic jar with a lid. You will need plastic netting and rubber band. (I use a lightweight plastic mayo jar and plastic net from fruit bag)

It is simple to sprout a half jar of goodies: just cover spout seed mix with water and allow it to soak 8 hrs with lid on in a dark place - like in a pack. Then remove lid, put on the netting, and secure with a strong rubber band. Drain off soak water (opt: can drink or add to a drink - loaded with nutrients). Rinse the sprouts with a few tablespoons of water 3x a day until the sprouts are growing; usually third day they are ready for munching, adding to a sandwich, an omelete, or the Ready Project scramble! This adds a whole new component to dried carry in foods, one that is LIVE and fun! Kids love to see things grow, it is like a garden in a jar! You can hang the jar on your backpack so it drains and gets sunshine!