Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Knotty or Nice?

Sarah Minen gives a great massage. I went yesterday.  I was so Knotty, but Sarah rubbed the knottiness right out of me. She was good at locating those tough spots and kneading them.  I won’t say there was no discomfort. I felt like the little dough boy, only I did not giggle. It was a good kind of pain, like when you brush those snarls out of your hair. There is a little discomfort and then you look and feel beautiful!

Being knotty certainly is not nice at all. Sometimes we are knotty and don’t even realize it, until we are under pressure. Can you be knotty and nice at the same time? I don’t think so. When we are tense, and holding toxins, it is reflected in our behavior. Others sense the knottiness in our energy field.  So, if you are knotty, and who isn’t, and you live in the Salt Lake Valley, then wander on down to Sarah’s place at 251 E 800 S in SLC, UT and get the knottiness rubbed right out of you!