Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Essence Immersion Tribe - My Importance

My new found friend and Artist Mentor is Lauri Cox who put together this "tribe" of women to celebrate who we are. She chose enlightened and talented women to share their stories with us through eight inspiring sessions. I enjoyed it whether I was there in person or listening to the recorded calls after. She is planning a retreat for this fall. One assignment was to journal "Why I am Important" Here is what I came up with: I get that what I do affect the world. I recently heard someone say we are breathing the same air that Christ breathed. We are connected! I am constantly sending out vibrations that will either uplift and inspire, or drag down. I need to move to a higher plane in all areas of my life for my sake and others. I am like a warrior, standing ready to move forward into battle as necessary to provide freedom for myself and others who choose to follow. Perhaps this metaphor comes to me from genetic influence. One of my ancestors was Boudicca (pronounced Boo-Dicca_, Queen of the Icenes. She led a revolt against the Romans who were invading Briton, her homeland. She was successful in destroying three of the settlements and then lost the final confrontation with Roman Soldiers. Like Boudicca, I battle. The battle I face is one of wits and spirit. Claiming the power of the almighty, I stand with God as one of his chosen daughters, to conquer darker forces as I move into the light. I see that as I conquer my own demons, I shatter old beliefs that no longer serve me. This consciousness spreads to others, like the "butterfly wing" effect, and creates movement. I have noticed recently, that as I teach the same material over and over in my classes, the ones I teach now are grasping the concepts very quickly. That information is already out there, in our larger social consciousness, and is available for those wanting to wake up and hear. Some come to my classes already knowing, trusting, practicing. Those who listen to that still small voice, find themselves absorbing information and transforming the way they think. I recently watched a documentary called "Wake Up", about a man who suddenly could see into the spirit world and his quest to understand his purpose and to know God. It was great! I also liked the film "I Am", which reminds us we are all connected. It only takes one person to make a difference, and to lead others to do the same. Courageous people in the history of our country have stood up for their rights, like Rosa Parks, who on Dec 1, 1955, refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white man. Perhaps lesser known, is Claudette Colvin, a 15 year-old African American student who did the same thing nine months earlier. Several movies are coming out this year about the Civil Rights movement. I especially enjoyed seeing "42" about Jackie Robinson. It was a moving testimonial of how one man (Branch Rickey, owner of the team) and another (Jackie Robinson) made a difference! Many people are driven to promote brotherhood and Peace. I choose to be a part of that consciousness, to spread and promote it. I feel the love moving through me. I connect with people around the world I have not yet met in person. "Kindred Spirits" As I continue to raise my vibrational frequency, I not only influence others to do the same, but I am drawn to the light of others who support me in my journey to wholeness. We recognize each other , or at least the qualities in each other we aspire to. That is true greatness to let one' light shine to inspire and uplift. That is why I am important!