Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hi Quitter!  No body wants to be a quitter, but this is a good kind of quitting: Stop smoking with hypnosis! So, instead of saying "I am quitting" or identifying with being a quitter, say "I am stopping smoking", "I am breathing fresh air now", and identify with being a non-smoker. Habits run by your subconscious mind and can be changed. After your first session you will notice a difference.
The cost? Your program* was $530 and for a limited time is just $350!
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How much do you spend on cigarettes? What else would you like you do with all that money?
 AOL Daily Finance reports:
“The average smoker burns through 13 to 16 cigarettes a day, or four to six packs a week. That adds up. The average smoker forks over at least $1,500 a year, while here in New York City, its closer to $3,300.”

Now, back to the question, what will it cost me to stop smoking?
Rather, the question should be: “What will it cost me to not stop smoking!”  You already know the answer to that question: years of pain, unable to breathe, bad smell, places you can’t smoke, feeling ostracized, bad example to children, worried loved ones having to care for you should you get lung cancer, etc. The list goes on….
Are you ready now to take charge of your life and take back the time, money, energy and health that this nasty habit has stolen from you? If not, don’t call me. Call me only if you are serious about stopping smoking.
PAY HERE Be a quitter! Of Smoking, that is! *Your program: 4 1/2 hours hypnotherapy: first session 1½ hours, three 1 hour follow-ups.  After that, I recommend a “booster” at 3 months, 6 months and a year to prevent relapse.