Thursday, June 22, 2017

Studying Scripture, asking Questions, Discovering virtues

I am intent on following the wisdom and advice of my Bishop. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and am currently re-reading the Book of Mormon as Bishop Stone has encouraged ward members to do. I am enjoying it. When I am reading, a question will often enter my mind and I am not satisfied until I decipher an answer. Today, as I read 1 Nephi Chapter 9, I wondered at what age did Nephi inscribe the plates of Nephi? As i read closely, I realized he had to be mature in age since he writes not only in past tense, but mentions making a full account of the history of his people. To make a full account, one must have seen and witnessed all, so he must have been in his later years of life. It would have taken a great deal of time to engrave the history of his people (wars, contentions, reigns of kings) and also to write in the smaller plates about the ministry of his people (written "for a wise purpose" in the Lord). I learned from this brief chapter that no only was Nephi patient in listening to the Lord, but also obedient and patient in writing. He demonstrated determination, strength and faith, not knowing beforehand the full purpose of intent of the Lord.