Monday, July 11, 2016

Making Myself Visible

At the Sacred Energy Empowerment Center Bo talked about his spiritual journey. At one point, he said he ended up in a reclusive life style in Mexico. He studied the Mayas. He researched the ruins and their history. One day, an archaeologist said to him, “you will have dealings with Mormons”. To Bo, it was a prophetic. Bo told us how tourists had to get lost in Old Mexico in order to find him to get the information they were seeking about the pyramids and the Mayans. People would “get lost” trying to find the pyramids and find him instead, way off the “beaten path”, playing his guitar. They heard him playing and singing and found him and asked if he could guide them. He then took them and showed them the sites and explained stone carvings and records of the Mayans about the “White God” who came to the native Mayans. The records said he was a white bearded man, which was of note, since the Mayans had no beards. Bo said these tourists needed to hear this, because they were Mormons and this information validated their beliefs and the writings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Even Bo, who is not LDS, said, that there is no way that Joseph Smith could have known about Christ visiting the Mayas (or Lamanites, as they are called in the book of Mormon) without divine guidance. Bo decided, after a few groups had to get lost to find him, that he would just sit by the ruins and wait for the tourists. One of the locals, who saw Bo there frequently asked why he was there, “Are you meditating?” I woke up this morning thinking about how people have had a “round about” way of finding me recently to receive healing. Quite a few have found themselves in difficult situations and were court ordered to take a class. These special people who want healing end up in a one-on-one class with me and they are stunned at the results when I offer to do some ThetaHealing. Often times there are tears, as we work together with Creator and I witness change occurring through the power of God. That is what Theta Healing is about, healing! So, now, I wonder how I can make myself available to these people so they can find me without getting into trouble first and having court costs, etc., so they don’t have to “get Lost” or go off the “beaten track” to find me. I will use Bo’s example and make myself available to those seeking knowledge, information and healing.